The attorneys and staff at the Bressler - Duyk Law Firm recognize this is a service oriented business. We pride ourselves in knowing our clients, establishing long lasting relationships and providing general legal guidance, advice and counsel on the most current matters.We work with each client individually, to ensure that our focus is aimed to yield the desired result, at a fair fee on a timely basis.

Communication is one of the most important aspects of the attorney-client relationship; it is needed to gather information in support of the matter at hand.

Our firm obtains information in several ways including: office conferences, correspondence, legal research, pretrial discovery, telephone conferences, and the use of expert investigators.

When the attorneys are engaged in court, conferences or other proceedings which prevent their meeting with clients or responding to telephone calls immediately, our firm's trained legal staff participates in the process of developing information. Thus clients are encouraged to leave detailed messages with staff, or utilize email via our company website.

The team: client, attorney, and staff, working together with the same goal, provides the formula for the greatest possibility of success for each and every client.